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Whatever makes you “you,” Fuller knows how to capture it and make it a part of your senior portrait collection.

waiting at wards

It is a time-honored tradition to stand in line, out on the sidewalk, waiting for a Ward’s Grill hamburger or hot dog. Tired of Christmas turkey and casseroles, these folks – many of them home for the holidays – make their holiday visit to the iconic restaurant.


I love when we can add black and white to a senior’s portrait session. Now, while any image can be made into a black and white, some just look better than others. And you know when you are creating an image that will look better in black and white.


This image was made Sunday afternoon in downtown Whiteville on the street. It will be one of 20 or more images in Brad’s senior portrait book, a project we began in January. One of Brad’s images earned a print artist merit from the Professional Photographers of America.


I love to photograph high school seniors in their firefighting gear. It’s always an honor. This is from Sam’s senior session today.


I digitally painted this from an image I made of a Whiteville High School Band member during the Columbus County Fair Parade Tuesday afternoon.

Kevin.Eubanks.0015Making the image in the studio or on location is only the first part of creating a finished portrait. Much of the excitement for me is seeing what I can do with that image.