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This image of Turner, made during a pre-game batting practice, shows the intensity of an athlete as he prepares for a match-up.


In the class, I demonstrated one of the methods I use to create paintings. I used SCHS senior Bailey for the example.


Our recent sessions photographing the athletes – both young and old – at Champion Karate in Whiteville marked our return to school-based photography after 15 years. It was great fun!


Jenna, who is a member of East Carolina University’s Dance Team, was one of the models for the ProShare Class that Ken Tart, Chuck Hill and I taught in Benson this week. If you are interested in modeling for one of my future classes (one in April) in-box me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.24.45 PMHalfway through our 26th year, we are introducing a new concept to our photography business – Designer Sessions.

We know that money is tight. People are on budgets and don’t always have the funds they need to purchase the photography they love.

With Designer Sessions, we will work within your budget and design a session with the end product in mind. For instance, if you have a budget of $250, we might plan a 30-minute session with three clothing changes in the studio. Your designer collection would include a small wall portrait, a mini-gallery and a package of prints as gift units. If your budget is larger, then the session would be larger and the resulting collection would be larger as well. fb.tanner.4039

We’ve made it really easy to do this. Just click on the DESIGNER link at the top of the website. Fill out the form. Within 24 hours, Fuller will send you a proposal. If his proposal is to your liking, you can book your session. Half of your budgeted amount is due when you book your session. This eliminates the need
for a session fee.

enzor.104-1024x681-80x80In other words, your session is FREE. The balance is due when you pick up your order. You are certainly free to upgrade any part of your order or to add to it. Half of the cost of the additional order or upgrade is due when you place your order.

We are really pumped about this concept. It provides a way for anyone to afford the high quality of work we do. We truly offer our customers with smaller budgets things that are just as special as what our customers with larger budgets receive.

We have always been a “low-pressure” studio, allowing our work to sell itself. We invite you to take advantage of this new concept.