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I digitally painted this from an image I made of a Whiteville High School Band member during the Columbus County Fair Parade Tuesday afternoon.

Kevin.Eubanks.0015Making the image in the studio or on location is only the first part of creating a finished portrait. Much of the excitement for me is seeing what I can do with that image.

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When you let me create your senior images, I will create something unique for you. This uniqueness is the result of 25 years of running a professional photography studio.


I have photographed more than 2,000 high school seniors. I am now photographing the senior children of some of those seniors. If there is one thing I have learned how to do, it is to make seniors comfortable during their portrait sessions. And I have learned how to quickly study them and determine what kinds of portraits they do best in. Give me a call.


I love photography. I have loved it since picking up my dad’s 35mm camera as a youngster. I have loved it since the late Chick Glaesner gave me a tour of the Columbus County School’s photography setup and darkroom in 1974. I love photographing seniors. Part of that comes from loving to work with people … to teach people, especially young people. But, it’s not enough to just love photography. You read on Facebook all of the time about people’s “passion” for photography. Passion is only the starting point. True professional photographers spend their lives honing their craft, perfecting their lighting and amassing all of the skills they can to make their work the best it can be. I have always done that. After 40 years of holding a camera in my hands, I still read everything I can about the craft and art of photography. I still study photographs and photographers. I have visited hundreds if not thousands of other photographers’ websites. I still attend photography schools, seminars, conventions and classes. I enter state, regional and national print competitions putting my work against some of the best photographers working today. I teach photography. I write about photography. I experiment with new ideas, tools and techniques. But, I am restless and eager to see what I can do next. Who knows what great new idea or technique is waiting around the corner. Come be a part of that with me.


Matthew has had numerous portrait sessions over the years and has alway been a great subject to photograph. A junior at N.C. State, he knows how to set up a portrait studio and is always a diligent worker. It’s computer engineering for him now. This image was made in his home. As our slogan says “We come to you.” Call today for your in-home session.


One of Grant’s senior images.


After photographing his sister earlier this year, it was only natural to photography Emmanuel as well. He had dozens of images to choose from. This was one of my favorites.